Our goal is to create a profound experience for the students ; allowing them to channel their collective unconsciousness as a means to unlock the power of their imaginations.

We want to give students the strength and autonomy to be creative and impose their creative voices. In short, we aspire to make the students better human beings. World citizens who respect one another and who are able to communicate and collaborate with others in a creative and positive manner.

Social objective :

Much of our work is centered on the acceptance of the other. We demand that the students work thoughtfully with each other. That they do not use words and actions that demean or oppress each other. We foster the idea of complicity. Complicity can help build a world of profound beauty and poetry; with complicity we reinvent a world of strong and fair rules, open and exible.

Methodology :

We believe in the power of poetry and the body language of force that has no language barriers. The body is our primary communication tool; it forces us to build relationships, to make us «feel» to accept us. Youth is often seen that the facilities to express with words but are vulnerable in close physical situations.

Often in groups, there is a lack of respect for others when the pace is different. Dance education has important bene ts for students’ social relationships, particularly among genders and age groups. Many forms of dance, including ballroom, are inherently social. They involve moving together in synchrony and empathy, with direct physical contact explore how a deeper understanding of dance challenges standard conceptions of intelligence and achievement and show the transformative power of movement for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Dance can help restore joy and stability in troubled lives and ease the tensions in schools disrupted by violence and bullying. We aspire to stimulate the appetite of a young public by causing it to look at things with different eyes. Defying genres and categories; play with the surprise and discovery.

We will start by capturing children’s attention and stimulate their desire to participate in the artistic experience: we want to get them to engage directly in a non-verbal communication. We start through theater games that will give strength to the participants and the courage to try without judgment and in a playful and mischievous way.

The games not only serve to amuse the young but has strengthened through practice, the foundations of our artistic research: the control of the body, focus, work in group and with a partner, creativity, spontaneity, communication non-verbal, trust and respect.

Duration : to be defined with the school.

Attrape le vent (2017/2018)

La vie secrète des objets (2018/2019)

La pluie dans mes poches (2019/2020)