Il Dolce Domani

In a ballroom a woman and four men find themselves together after long years.Their stories are tangled…a hidden secret? A loss? A passionate love betrayed? They come face to face with their fragilities: falling down and getting up again.

Il Dolce Domani places the audience in front of a painting, made of concrete situations and particular body states. The dance is visceral, sensitive, inhabited. Sometimes in the momentum, sometimes made of repeated actions as a ritual.

The viewing of Michael Haneke’s film : Amour, with its “old actors”, inspired the two choreographers. The old age, the passage of time, the one we have left… Softness and poetry are part of the intentions; they appear with strength in this singular and intangible universe, punctuated by details that make echoes in each of us.

Il Dolce Domani is an ode to the passage of time. It is a voyage thru the shadows and lights of existence. Il Dolce Domani is the sweet tomorrow, the awakening from a lucid dream…

« Best Dance Performance » for the season 2014/15 by the Prix de la Critique/Belgium.


Conception & stage direction Lisa Da Boit, Céline Curvers
Creation & interpretation : Lisa Da Boit, Rudi Galindo, Jean-Marc Fillet, Rolando Rocha

Music/Soundtrack Thomas Barrière
Costumes Julia Didier
Lights Laurence Halloy
Conception & painted decor Vincent Glowinski
Coproduction Les Brigittines – With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la Danse, asbl Centre Lorca, Théâtre Marni, Charleroi Danses and CC Jacques Franck.