Ferocia is an engaged solo performance, born with the desire of questioning the political engagement of women artists in our social and cultural context. Our reflection is constantly questioned by contradictions and feelings of being powerless in our daily lives.

Ferocia is inspired by the work of Bill Viola, and the song «Bella Ciao», a revolutionary lullaby sung by Italian mothers. The performance brings together the words of Simone de Beauvoir, Angela Davis, Marguerite Duras, Maguy Marin and Sub-comandante Ramona.

The dance is the transcription of an emotional flow, visceral, sensitive and inhabited. A choreographic language combining ferce gestures, impulses and pure movements.

PressLe Soir 05/06/2018    Lisa Da Boit – Focus 31/05/2018

Conception : Lisa Da Boit, Céline Curvers
Choreography and interpretation : Lisa Da Boit
Stage direction: Céline Curvers
Music : Thomas Barrière
Lights : Laurence Halloy 

Costumes : Julia Didier
Scenographie : Yoris Van den Houte

Produced by : Giolisu
Co-production : Les Brigittines, Théâtre de la Vie
Supported by: l’asbl Centre Lorca, le Théâtre Marni, Le Théatre des Dôms/ Avignon (F) and CCN Le Phare/ Le Havre (F)