Loss is a crossing of movement, sound, images with no hierarchy : the three components have the same importance and create the same atmosphere. Loss is a lonely landscape where there no sign of time : an empty world, silent, not very clear but profoundly intimate. We want to reflect about the human being, with the doubt that his presence on earth is not so evident and necessary. How do human beings inhabit their space? Could the human being not exist at all? Could the History be made without him? The human being is welcome on earth; but, how does he enter in contact/ connection with nature?

LOSS is the requiem of the anthropocentric conception of the universe. It is the end of the Illusion. It remains only a big hallucination where a particular state of consciousness is reached. Loss is a requiem where the music never ends. It continues and amplifies. Loss is a requiem where the images describe a landscape presented in a strange scale. It is far form the ordinary. In the changes of perspective and proportions it gives an hallucinated vision of the reality. Loss is the requiem of the human body that speaks through the absent presence. The body is strong because it is resigned to the possibility of disappearing and is conscious of its relativity.

Concept, choreography, dance: Lisa Da Boit, Giovanni Scarcella
Music: Eric Ronsse Images: Vincent Pinckaers Costumes: Julia Didier
Decor: Yoris Van den Houte
Dramaturgy: Odile Vastenwinckel
External eye: Celine Curvers
Production: Cie Giolisu, Blancasa production
Coproduction: Les Brigittines, CCN Rillieux-la-Pape/ Maguy Marin (Lyon)
Supported: Théâtre de L’L, Théâtre Marni, de Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats, SACD,
Ministère de la Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles

Festival Vrak Bruxelles (B) Objectif danse Bruxelles (B) Festival Incandescences Paris ( F)
Festival Balsa –Marni Bruxelles (B) Les Brigittines Bruxelles (B)
CNN Lyon (F), Automne en Normandie (F), Théâtre Marni Bxl