Stanche Mani

Which kind of reflection can an artist bring on stage about the current social and political environment?

Stanche Mani is a feminist piece about this artistic engagement. Lisa Da Boit dances upon the ashes of Ferocia, her last enraged solo. She now shares the stage with Farah Chamma, a slam poet ; together they search for another sense of this broken world, deep in sorrow. Stanche Maniis a poem that keeps together the contradictions of reality,  while offering a ray of hope, a light at the edge of darkness.

Concept: Lisa Da Boit / Choregraphy & interpretation:  Lisa Da Boit / Text and voice: Sophie de Beer / visual univers: Natalia Blanch / Live music: Sofiane Remadna / Lights : Yoris Van den Houte / Direction assistant : Rudi Galindo / Promotion: Frank Barat, Anne Golaz. A creation of Giolisu, in coproduction with  Théâtre de la Vie. With the support of Théâtre Marni, Grand Studio, la Roseraie, Centre Garcia Lorca & Espace Magh.

From 12 > 16.11.2019, Théâtre de la vie, Brussels

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