Je suis Sisyphe

In the performance, “I Am Sisyphus”, three strange characters lead us into a surreal universe that borders between dream and reality. They use the language of movement and gesture and build a silent dialogue. Using clown logic, the characters become the unwitting heroes who find innovative ways to overcome challenges and obstacles. They teach us to look at things with a different perspective. Creativity is seen as a way to escape the absurdity inherent in life, as a space of freedoms that touches on the invisible, the impalpable and inspires us with other possibilities.

Next residencies : 

19 – 28 of October 2020 at Théâtre Marni
3 -13 of November 2020 at Dommelhof Theater op the Markt
23 – 27 of November 2020 at Destelheide Dworp