Il Dolce Domani

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In a ballroom a woman and four men find themselves together after long years.Their stories are tangled…a hidden secret? A loss? A passionate love betrayed?They come face to face with their fragilities : falling down and getting up again. Il dolce domani is an ode to the passage of time. It is a voyage thru the shadows and lights of existence.Il dolce domani is the sweet tomorrow ; the awakening from a lucid dream…

« Best Dance Performance » for the seanson 2014/15 by the Prix de la Critique/Belgium.
Creation in Brigittines (11.2014), performed in Marni in the frame of D Festival 5 (06.2015).

I give to you
the caress of my hand,
the bend of my elbow,
the sin of my hip,
the weight of my body……everything.

In the sweet tomorrow
I will not be afraid of the darkness.
I will empty my pockets
and shed my skin
to be reborn.

Everything you have said to me is a lie.
Everything in my head is a lie.
I stand before you and empty my pockets of words;
of broken promises.

I will dance with great anger and fury,
for you have turned my heart into a stone,
my chest a black hole
as deep as the ocean.

Conception & stage direction Lisa Da Boit, Céline Curvers
Creation et interpretation Benoit Armange, Lisa Da Boit, Jean-Marc Fillet, Rudi Galindo, Nicolas Vladyslav
Music/Soundtrack Thomas Barrière
Costumes Julia Didier
Lights Laurence Halloy
Conception & painted decor Vincent Glowinski
Coproduction Les Brigittines – With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles – Service de la Danse, asbl Centre Lorca, Théâtre Marni, Charleroi Danses and CC Jacques Franck.