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Ferocia is a scream.
Ferocia is the sweating body waking up from a nightmare.
Ferocia is the fear that we cannot control.
Is the anguish that takes us when we look at the world that has lost every coherence, humanity and tenderness.
Ferocia is a dance solo set in our social and political reality.
Ferocia is a dance solo with live music. A dancer and a musician share the stage for a dialogue of sorrow and hope.
Ferocia is an enraged ode for a lonely woman. Ferocia is the color of the rage, of loss, of desperation. Ferocia runs at the rhythm of the anxious irregular breath. Ferocia is the in-coherence of contradicted emotions.
Ferocia paints a mobile and intense tableau of our world, crossed by an abyssal cruelty.

Press : Le Soir 05/06/2018    Lisa Da Boit – Focus 31/05/2018


Conception : Lisa Da Boit, Céline Curvers
Choreography and interpretation : Lisa Da Boit
Stage direction: Céline Curvers
Music : Thomas Barrière
Lights : Laurence Halloy 

Costumes : Julia Didier
Scenographie : Yoris Van den Houte

Produced by : Giolisu
Co-production : Les Brigittines, Théâtre de la Vie
Supported by: l’asbl Centre Lorca, le Théâtre Marni, Le Théatre des Dôms/ Avignon (F) and CCN Le Phare/ Le Havre (F)

Giolisu is accompanied by Grand Studio and is supported / by the WBI / Belgium.