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Teatro Pachuco. From the jungles of Nepal to the red clay streets of Mexico, Teatro Pachuco brings laughter to the masses.
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logo-ex-nihilo-2013 Founded in 1994, Ex Nihilo, contemporary dance company, hava made the choice to work, since now 20 years, outside/  Other infos…
Karin Vyncke
On Move Productions
Founded in 2007, asbl espaï organize the festival ‘Danse Avec les Foules’ in Brussels; movement and fine arts workshops for kids and adults. It also coordinates school projects and creation projects.


images Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles service danse. It has the mission to encourage and to support artistique creation and performance productions.   Other infos…
Accueil Wallonie-Bruxelles International WBI
Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques SACD
 GrandStudio Giolisu cie is supported by Grand Studio.
 logo11  les Brigittines
images-1  Theatre Marni
 logo-2014-60px  L’L
 logo2 Théâtre de la vie
 logoCollectif  Centre Lorca
MSDG Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods
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