Céline Curvers

Celine Curvers starts her career as a ballet dancer.
She trains in contemporary dance and meets Laura Girotto. She creates “32 de Maig” with the company La Quercia.
She returns to Brussels and keeps training with Karin Vyncke, Manuella Cortes Thonon, Julie Bougard, Angélique Wilkie.
She is part of the company Cie D’ici P. (Fré Werbrouck) as a dancer in the creations CinqQuart, 5/3 2 pouces, Baccilus 2-9-3, Lichen and Cafe Solo.
She teaches dance, practice yoga and Pilates.
She is assistant of Julie Bougard for the piece Ladycrackers.
In 2007, with Géraldine Harckman and Colline Etienne, she creates the asbl l’espaï, dedicated to children.
In 2008, she starts collaborating with the company Giolisu as an assistant for “It was a slip of the tongue” and “Loss”.
In 2014, she co-creates with Lisa da Boit, the performance
Il Dolce Domani » at Les Brigittines, awarded as the best dance performance for 2015.
Since 2011 she organises the Festival “Danse avec les Foules”, together with the Centre Lorca.
In 2016, she gets the official degree as a contemporary teacher.